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Voelkel Industrie Producte


Voelkel Industrie Producte (VIP), which started in 1983 as a humble company specializing in sealants and adhesives for the automotive industry, has developed into a global specialist in high performance industrial adhesives and surface protection systems.

VIP's innovative technologies provide superior protection against abrasion, impact, corrosion, and chemical attack. In addition, our new technologies, our instant-cured spray coatings offer significant benefits and advantages over conventional chemical and water conservation solutions.

VIP is proud to support application partners in the mining, petro, and gas, water and wastewater, energy and construction industries in more than 50 countries worldwide. VIP's products are supported by experienced technical services ranging from project and product specification to on-site project consultancy, and VIP's world-class training program continues to expand our network of “Approved Practitioners“.

VIP's comprehensive portfolio is constantly refined and enhanced by our ongoing research and development efforts. VIP offers solutions for floor repair and preparation, high performance surface protection solutions, superior aesthetic finishes and expert application equipment. At VIP we don't want to be just a product supplier. Our goal is to be a complete solution provider for your asset protection needs.


· Customizable solutions from the manufacturer
· Experienced technical specification services
· On-site technical supervision services
· Producer-trained and approved practitioner network
· Extensive internal and external test results, certificates and approvals
· Faster return to service


· Complete integrated “system solutions”
· Very fast application processes applied by spray
· No attachments - no welding, pasting or joining
· Outstanding, adherence to the substrate
· Immediate curing (10-20 seconds) and quick reuse times
· Shock, abrasion and chemical resistant
· High tensile and flexural strength
· Outstanding crack bridging properties
Formulated for application in extreme conditions.